How To Guide for Using NC Lyme Advocacy Blog

NC Lyme Advocacy Website reorganized the tabs in October 2013.  This post was changed to reflect those changes.  The website often has temporary tabs. NC Lyme Advocacy Website is very easy to use.  At the top (and also down the right side), you will see a variety of tabs including home, about us, calendar, contact us, events, letter writing info, NC DPH, NC Lyme Non-Profits, Support Group, US Lyme Advocacy and web links.

  • Home -Should get you “lost” during navigation and want to see the most recent post written by NC Lyme Advocacy, click on the home tab.
  • ABOUT US  – This tab tells about NC Lyme Advocacy.   You can also find our DISCLAIMER if you hover over this tab.
  • CALENDAR – This tab will provide you with the NC Lyme Advocacy Calendar.
  • CONTACT US – This is the tab that provides a way for you to contact us.  Fill out the required information and this will forward NC Lyme Advocacy Website an email. Your emails will be answered in the order they are received as swiftly as possible.  This website is maintained by a volunteer advocate so be patient in waiting for a response.  If you haven’t received an answer within a week, please contact us a second time making note that it is a second request.  Sometimes the email will be answered with a blog post if it is information that we think our blog readers need to know.
  • EVENTS – this is the tab where we will list all upcoming events as we are able.  This tab will be constantly under construction as new events get added so stay tuned to this particular tab. You can also hover over the event tab to see a link to click for  more details on a specific event.
  • LETTER WRITING INFO – this is the tab where you will find all of the information regarding the Lyme Letter Writing Campaign.  You will find the detailed information, the basic information and a few sample letters under this tab.
  • NC DPH – This tab is for you to easily find things on the NC Department of Public Health.  Since it’s so difficult to know exactly where to look or search for on the NCDPH website, we thought it might be helpful if the most beneficial thinks were in one spot.
  • NC LYME NON-PROFITS – this tab you will find tabs to the below organization
    1. Beat the Bite – The link to Beat the Bite Non-Profit Organization.
    2. Carolina Lyme – The ink to Carolina Lyme Non-Profit Organization
    3. NATCAPLYME-  The link to Central NC NATCAPLYME.
    4. NCLDF – The link to North Carolina Lyme Disease Foundation.
    5. TIC-NC – The link to Tick-borne Infections Council of NC
  • SUPPORT GROUPS – this is the tab where Support Group Meetings will be listed.  We know of at least four regularly scheduled support groups, but if you know of others that we’re not familiar with please comment below with contact information or send an email to (with SUPPORT GROUP MEETING for Lyme in the subject line). Currently, we know there are support group meetings in Raleigh, Apex, Hendersonville, Winston Salem and the Charlotte area.
  • US Lyme Advocacy -a tab to tell you about US Lyme Advocacy
  • WEB LINKS – a tab where you will be able to find other links – there are other pages that you can find if you hover over this tab.

Click through each tab and if you get lost you can always hit back on your browser or click on the home tab.  Additionally, there are occasionally pages that will be password protected for NC Lyme Advocacy Eyes Only.

Want to find posts from the past?  There is an archives link over on the right hand side which will archive posts by the month.  Remember to share this blog with everyone, but especially to those in North Carolina with Lyme. It is easy to share on twitter and facebook.  By clicking on the title of the page you are reading, there are share buttons at the bottom of the post.

Want to search for a particular page?  Look over to the right above the archives list and you will see a search bar.  Put your keyword in and what you are looking for should pop up.

Want to “Follow” us and get an email when there are new posts?  Look over to the right below the archives list and you will see the place to follow us.  There is an empty space above the word follow and you’ll type in your email address there and click on follow.  The rest of the directions are simple.  I believe you’ll get an email in your account.  You’ll check it and then click on the URL to verify.

Last, but not least:  Want to leave us a comment – below each post there is a location that says to leave a comment.  Click on it.  It is fairly simple.  🙂

Stay tuned here for more information. NC Lyme Advocacy Leader Jennifer

** Update ** October 2013

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