NC Lyme Letter Writing Campaign

“Lyme Disease does NOT exist in North Carolina.”

Have you been told this before? How can we change this perception among the NC medical community? Unfortunately, most doctors are completely unaware of this public health crisis. Those that are rely on insensitive lab testing that only reinforces their perception that Lyme does not exist in our state.  One voice cannot change this. 1,000 voices can.  We ask for your participation in the 2013 Lyme Letter Campaign to NC Health Practitioners.

We NEED your assistance and you can find the information about this campaign under the tab above called “Lyme Writing Info.”  We NEED you to sign up to join our campaign IMMEDIATELY by filling out the form below.   You can find extensive information regarding the campaign at Letter Writing Campaign Info URL

For your ease and convenience, you may fill out the basic information here and this will go directly to the NC Lyme Advocacy Leaders:

Please be sure to double check your email address for accuracy.  An inaccurate email address will cause us not to be able to contact you.   If you do not hear from us within a a few days of filling out the form, please try again with an alternate email address.

THANK YOU for your participation in this urgent campaign. Please help recruit at least 3 other participants so that we can reach our goal of 1,000 letters by April 15, 2013. 

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