North Carolina Lyme Letters

Do YOU or someone you LOVE have Lyme Disease?

Do YOU or someone you LOVE with Lyme Disease live in North Carolina?


We NEED your participation in the 2013 Lyme Letter Campaign to NC Health Care Providers.  You are an NC resident who suffers from Lyme or Lyme-like Illness (or are the friend, family member or caregiver of someone with Lyme). You were initially denied diagnosis and treatment only to subsequently seek the care of a doctor elsewhere.

How to participate:

  1. Utilize the bullet points listed below to assist you in your letter writing
  2. Address your letters to NC Health Care Providers
  3. Sign your letter using your initials and location (e.g., P.S., Raleigh, NC)
  4. Email completed letter to “” by April 15, 2013

Your emailed letters will be compiled by an NC Lyme Disease Advocate and delivered to NC Health Care Providers in bulk on the same day. Your original emails will be held in strict confidentiality.  Please use only your initials and location on your letter, not your full name. The letters will be printed and shared, excluding all email addresses and personal information. By emailing your letter, you are agreeing to these terms with the knowledge that your letter may be indirectly used or shared for further awareness campaigns including efforts to change legislation.

We NEED your assistance and you can find the information about this campaign under the tab above called “Lyme Writing Info.”  We NEED you to sign up to join our campaign IMMEDIATELY by filling out the form below.   You can find extensive information regarding the campaign at Letter Writing Campaign Info URL

For your ease and convenience, you may fill out the basic information here and this will go directly to the NC Lyme Advocacy Leaders:

If you are on following the blog via email, please go straight to the website to see this form in the correct format.

Please be sure to double check your email address for accuracy.  An inaccurate email address will cause us not to be able to contact you.   If you do not hear from us within a a few days of filling out the form, please try again with an alternate email address.

THANK YOU for your participation in this urgent campaign. Please help recruit at least 3 other participants so that we can reach our goal of 1,000 letters by April 15, 2013. 

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