As a reminder, we want your Lyme stories.

We want your STORIES –  How do you begin to write a letter that adequately tells your story? Does that task seem overwhelming? Here is a basic guideline list to help make it less overwhelming –

Here are the three little things to use for your letters

  1. Tell the Specific
  2. Tell the Basics of your story
  3. Use the recommendation closure (this is just NC Lyme Advocacy’s recommendation as closures can sometimes be difficult to write)

Here are those three things broken down into more specific items

  1. Tell the Basics
  • Your First Name or Initials
  • Where you live in North Carolina
  • Where you got your tick bite (if you know)
  • How long it took to get diagnosed

2.  Tell More Specifics

  • Your initial symptoms
  • How you were treated initially
  • The consequences (personal, occupational, financial)
  • Did you have to go Out of State for treatment?
  • Have you improved with treatment


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