Who We Are

We were recently contacted with some questions that we think others may have.  We want to share our answers with our readers.

  • Who are we?

NC Lyme Advocacy is comprised of three leaders.  We are supported by a variety of North Carolina Lyme Non-Profit groups and Support Group leaders.  Our anonymity is important to protect ourselves as we are hoping the media and other health institutions will be involved.  This is a controversial subject matter and we want them to focus on the issues pertaining to Lyme awareness in North Carolina instead of targeting the organizers.

  • Where are the letters going?

The Lyme Letter Campaign is a grassroots effort with a goal of educating the Health Care Providers in North Carolina.  We are in the process of identifying exactly who the letters will target, but we will update the website with the intended target prior to sending out those letters.  The final output of our campaign will partially be dictated by the amount of participation.  This is why we encourage you to write your letters as soon as possible and ask any NC Lyme friends you know to also write a letter.

  • How can you help if we have cognitive impairments?  I worry my letter won’t make sense.

Since we are leaders in the Lyme community, we are familiar with Lyme cognitive impairment.  This is a common symptom of Lyme and the vast majority of us have experienced this at one time or another.  This is the reason we are only asking for short letters and tried to be as specific as possible with our directions and format suggestion.  If you need help further, please feel to reach out to us and one of the leaders will gladly volunteer his or her time to help you.  If you have not seen the “Tell Your Story Basics” on the website, we suggest you look at it.

NC Lyme Advocacy Leaders

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