Welcome to NC Lyme Advocacy!

Thanks to everyone who has dropped by and we hope you will continue to do so as the website is updated with future events and awareness efforts.  We opened up on January 25th and since then our page has developed into something for North Carolina Lyme family and friends to stand up and be proud.  As we look to continue to grow, suggestions for links are always welcome.  Here is a contact us form where you may leave a URL listing for suggestion.

Without further ado, here is our original welcome letter with a few modifications.

Welcome to the North Carolina Lyme Advocacy blog.  This website is for compiling all known NC Lyme Advocacy events into a location for those with and those without a Facebook page. Items we publish in Facebook will also be published here in order to provide those without a Facebook page pertinent information regarding events that are happening in North Carolina with regards to Lyme Disease Awareness.  We hope that everyone will find this as a useful tool especially over the next few months as there are a lot of events currently being planned.

Something that you may want to know who are planning these different events. I thought that I would go through these with a very simple, “Who What When Where and Why” Format.

Who: These events are being planned by multiple groups and non-profits in North Carolina.  We have several groups working together and many of us most recently met all together for the first time (in January) to discuss future advocacy events.  We are fortunate enough to have many groups in North Carolina.  Some of those groups include:  the North Carolina Lyme Disease Foundation, Carolina Lyme, Beat the Bite, TIC-NC, NATCAPLYME and many various support groups including support Group meetings in Raleigh, Triangle Lyme Disease Support Group in Apex NC, a private facebook support group and multiple other meetings  including locations in Hendersonville, Winston Salem and Charlotte. *Read the disclaimer.

What:  We will be planning multiple events over the course of the year.  Some groups will do this as a complete separate entity while others will work together.  Stay tuned for the events posted as a blog message as well as a tabbed entry page under the Events Tab at the top of the website.

When:  These events will be throughout the year, but also some events will be annual events where as others will be solitary events.

Where:  These events will be all over North Carolina.  Some things you will be able to do from your own home – such as the Letter Writing Campaign.  Many events will be in the Raleigh area simply because that is where a good majority of our leaders are living, but if you have an event planned in your own area – let us know and we will add it to the blog and to our Facebook page.  If you look to the right side of the website, you will find the ink to our facebook page where we share upcoming events.  Where else can you look for information regarding these events?  Check out this blog site for new pages and information.

Why:  As you know many people are not aware in North Carolina when it comes to Lyme Disease and other Tick Borne Illnesses.  We want to spread that awareness throughout North Carolina to the pubic, different organizations, legislation and doctors.

Stay tuned here for more information.
NC Lyme Advocacy

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