Katina Makris Presentation Today

We had such a wonderful time communicating with everyone at Katina Makris’ presentation today.  If you didn’t have an opportunity to come today, please be sure to check out the presentation tomorrow on April 8th in Chapel  Hill.

Today, we had the privilege of hearing President of NCLDF, John Dorney, speak.   In addition, we heard information about Carolina Hyperbarics.  Then, we had a wonderful presentation from Katina about her journey with Lyme.   It was well worth the time and energy to hear what she had to say.

One of the NC Lyme Advocacy Leaders spoke on the letter campaign after Katina’s presentation.  We got to speak to many people before and after the presentation.  Thanks so much for coming to speak with us and sharing a bit of your story.  We look forward to receiving all of your letters and if you missed out today be sure to come on out tomorrow.  All three of us won’t be able to attend tomorrow’s presentation, but we will have one there representing us.  Be sure to come to our table to find out about the letter campaign.

Chapel Hill Katina Presentation  Page


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