New Incentive and Announcement for Letters

NEW RAFFLE INCENTIVE: The Carolina Center of Massage Therapy in Cary NC has graciously donated a one hour gift card for us to raffle off to one of our letter writers. Please send in your letters PRONTO. This massage center is Lyme Friendly. The Gift Card does expire (4/2/2014).

NEW ANNOUNCEMENT: an LLMD from New York wants to come down to do Grand Rounds with UNC Psychiatry department. In order for him to be able to do so, he must be invited. In order for him to be invited, UNC must realize that Lyme is a problem in North Carolina.

OUR URGENCY: This is ONE of the many reasons we NEED your stories. Thus far, we have only received what would be perceived as only a handful of letters. Honestly, we need 100’s more. We need to be able to walk in and OVERWHELM them with stories.

Please please please send us your letters – If you’ve already sent in a letter for yourself and you have a child (or children) with Lyme – send in a second story for your child – one per child! If you are a loved one of a Lyme patient and they can’t write their own story, write their story for them! Be sure to include where the Lyme person lives – it’s important for us to be able to say, “These families are impacted in Raleigh – these families are impacted in Chapel Hill – these families are impacted in —-.”

If you’ve already sent in your letter via email, we may be in contact with you shortly. Please respond to our emails if we have questions. Thanks so much for your help and we hope you can understand our urgency!

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