NC 2013 Memo to Health Care Providers

The months before the Lyme Memo would be sent out – NC Lyme Advocacy leaders met with the leaders of many of the NC Lyme Non-Profits of our state.  We emailed with them and we met with them in person on a number of occasions.  One of our immediate goals was to see if we could change the wording at all in the memo that goes out to the Health Care Providers.  The wording on the next phrase is very vague on purpose.  We don’t want to expose the individuals online that met up in person because anonymity is important. However, one of our leaders and one of the leaders at one of the big NC Lyme Non-Profits went to speak with someone important.

Then many of us (5 in total) went to the Vector Borne Work Group to possibly discuss the issues in regards to NC and Lyme Disease (and other Tick Borne Illnesses).  Four of us did not know the ins and outs of this meeting as we had never attended before so we came out of the meeting with a lot of information.  We found out that the 2013 Memo had been written and sent out.  We did not see a copy of this memo on that day.

We also saw the new data maps in regards to possible and confirmed cases of Lyme in 2012 and also possible and confirmed cases of Lyme from 2008 – 2012 (and other tick borne infections).  Recently, the NC Department of Public Health released online the 2013 Memo for both Lyme and Rickettsial Diseases (Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and others).

Without further ado:  The link to both Memos:

2013 Memo for Lyme

2013 Memo for Rickettsial Diseases



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