Today’s Event!

May 10th to 12th – A Lyme Awareness Table in Pilot Mountain NC at the May Fest – Admission Free.  More information can be found at their website:


Go out and see a woman and her young daughter spread awareness about Lyme Disease in Pilot Mountain.  Thank her for her dedication, hard work and support to the Lyme Community.   Offer to help if you decide to pop in for a few minutes. 

Tomorrow:  Many of us will be at the Raleigh Fair Ground for the flea market.  Come in and see us at booth #322. 


What can YOU do to promote Lyme Awareness?  Let me give you an example of how one of our leaders is doing that today.  She has an appointment at her primary care physician for some blood work.  Instead of just going to get the blood work done, she has printed off simple information from the NC Health Department along with a simple letter explaining what is in the small packet.  The packet included:  the 2013 memo from the health department, Lyme Disease in NC informational sheet, Frequently asked questions about Lyme in NC and the maps that recently came out.  In total. there are 6 informational pages.  She will request to hand this to one of the doctors working, but if that isn’t an option – she will pass it off to the receptionist or nurse along with her contact information. 

Such a simple thing and it spreads awareness to one physician’s office regarding NC and Lyme Disease (IE, it does exist here). 

Good luck and Spread Awareness during Lyme Disease Awareness Month!



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