This is the day!

After months of hard work and preparation and last minute stuff – today is finally here. It actually began yesterday with the booth in Pilot Mountain, but today Raleigh takes a stand. 

We are participating in the World Wide Lyme Disease Protest.  There are over 20 countries involved including the US which has over 30 states participating.  Some states even have more than one event going on.  To check out the US website go here:


Today, we will be at the North Carolina State Fair Ground in Raleigh with coordinator Beth Snyder.   We, in NC, decided to hold an educational booth at the Flea Market in Raleigh.  We want this to be a positive and educational experience for everyone at the Flea Market and will be able target folks that are normally at the Flea Market on the weekend.  As the sun rises, we look forward to this great day and expect a little craziness. 

We have gathered at least 15 volunteers to help out on this day and to them we are especially grateful.   There are so many people to thank in North Carolina for this day and once we get a chance – there will be a huge THANK YOU post to all of them. 

Well what are you waiting for — get off your couch and come out to Raleigh.  The Booth will be open from 9 to 6.  One of us from NC Lyme Advocacy will be there ALL DAY and the other two will join in the late afternoon to help us close things down.  Have a great day everyone and raise awareness for Lyme in North Carolina!

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