Links to NC Department of Public Health

North Carolina Department of Public Health:

The first link is the Memo that was sent out to all health care providers about Lyme Disease.  The problem is that many health care providers don’t read them.  Please be sure to share this with your health care provider. 

The second link is about Lyme Disease.

The third link is information for providers on the website itself.  Many providers don’t know to go here for tick illnesses.  Share this link with your providers.

This last link is the forms providers should use to submit potential cases of reportable diseases to the state.   Did you know that Lyme, Rickettsial Diseases (Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, etc), Ehrlichia and Tularmia are all tick borne diseases that are reportable to the state of North Carolina?   However, Babesia and Bartonella are not reportable. 

We hope this information is helpful to you in some way.

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