Letter Writer Encourages Others to Write

One of our letter writers recently had this to say about our campaign.  It includes why she was hesitant to write and why she is ultimately glad that she got involved with our campaign.  She encourages everyone in North Carolina with Lyme Disease to get involved and write their letters!

Without further ado:

“I really have to say that I was hesitant to write this letter for many reasons. However, I’m glad I did, and I hope to encourage others to do the same. I had to ask hubby for some help with it, and [one of the NC Lyme Advocacy Leaders] is helping me too, but I did it. Please, please, please consider taking the time to write this letter-one silver lining….I have a basic letter now that can be altered as necessary for other letter writing campaigns, so the next time won’t be so difficult! Hugs and love to all-please, write your story and submit it.

Part of my block in writing was my [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder] from not being heard by the medical community for 12 years, so really feeling as though I was wasting my time. I had to move past that block, and the way I did was seeing the closing statement of the letter-begging physicians to please, if they are not willing to diagnose or treat, to send the patient out the door with info that may save their lives, wishing just one of those docs had done that for me.

That struck me like a knife in the heart as I have seen in one group, medical people, RN’s, NP’s, etc., who are reporting seeing 10 times the number of tick bites in their offices, and handing out flyers to patients, knowing if they get caught, they will lose their jobs. I thought about all the people my letter might save, even if only one, that’s better than doing nothing.”

We’ve found that often times the opening and closing statements are the hardest to write so we prepared two options for you.  Here is one of those options that got our letter writer to break through the block of being hesitant to write.  We hope you use it to inspire your own letter:

Are you aware that Lyme is a ‘reportable disease’ in North Carolina? It is important for all physicians to follow through with reports for a true epidemiological representation of what patients are experiencing in this state. Doctors, we ask that you objectively educate patients on the endemic counties for Lyme Disease and the lab testing limitations. If you opt not to treat based on clinical symptoms, please refer patients to other resources such as www.ilads.org for other options.

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