October Events

There are several known events happening in October.  I wanted to share these with you so you would have time to plan if you needed to make traveling and accommodation plans should you want to attend any of the events at George Mason University in VA,  Smithfield or Charlotte NC.

Please check out the links below (if you received this in your email – come to our website if you are unable to click the actual link) so see about the upcoming events.

October -in North Carolina

This particular event is an educational night.  This is a FREE event.  There will be a short presentation prior to a screening of Under Our Skin in Smithfield North Carolina.  To RSVP, please check out the event page by clicking on the link HERE

This event is a 5K run called Color Run – and the NC chapters of NATCAPLYME will be doing a fundraiser.  If you want to participate in this team, you must REGISTER and you need to pay the registration fee.  In addition, this is a fundraiser and they are trying to raise $500.00 – the information for donations and registration can be found by clicking HERE.

October – NATIONAL

This is a collaboration of many partnerships -the keynote speaker for this forum is Dr. Joseph Jemsek.  Please click HERE to find out more information.


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