It went well!

Thanks to so many supporters – the evening went really well.  I had enough things to fill up 3 tables.  Two tables were things for attendees to take home with them and one table was for display only.

I arrived at 3:45 in a downpour of rain.   I knew that I only had a limited amount of time to set up so I had to bring everything in the deluge of rain.  It’s not fun bringing in a car load of awareness items in the rain, but it worked out fine with a rolling cart and umbrella.  Four of us were there to help set up.  It went pretty quickly and before we knew it – our first guests arrived.

There wound up only being about 20 people, but many of the attendees were first time viewers of Under Our Skin.

I started off by sharing a little bit of my story and how I got started in Lyme Advocacy.  As much as I love Advocacy and talking to people about Lyme, I do struggle with public speaking.  I should have prepared something to read.  After my short introduction, Dr. Waldvogel presented a 45 minute show on tick and mosquitoes and we were thoroughly wowed by his presentation.  He kept reminding people that some ticks were smaller than the letter d on a dime.  His presentation helped “make” the evening.

After his presentation, we took a quick break before starting the documentary.  Afterwards, we did a quick question & answer.  The planning took months and the evening went by in a flash.  My saying is that if I educated even ONE person – it was worth it.  We had several nurses there so I’m hopeful that they were educated in one thing – Lyme exists here!

There are several more events in October, including a new screening on October 21st in Durham NC.   Due to the popularity of events, we’ve created an additional website just for events only.  We will be sharing that information as soon as we get all of October’s events on the website.  Some months the event website will be fairly empty, but other months the website will be filled.  We will still announce events on THIS website.  However, there are so many tabs that it’s hard to see some important events if you don’t’ know where to look.

Also – the NC Chapter of NATCAPLYME has been fundraising.  They are only $17 from their goal!  If only four of you donated $5.00, they’d surpass their goal.  If only two of you donated $10, they’d surpass their goal.  And if only one of you, donated $17.00, they’d reach their goal.


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