Update on Leader

Many of you know that the leader of this website is a Lyme patient.  This does cause occasional lapses in information being dispersed on both the website and the Facebook page.  In preparation to heavy IV therapy, I am going to apologize in advance for lack of information during upcoming treatment.   I may be able to keep up with everything, but am also preparing myself for the reality that I may not be able to keep up with the website or Facebook page.  However, I promise to do my very best.

If you all have events planned, please fill out the form on this website – This includes anything going on in North Carolina related to Lyme Disease Advocacy, Awareness or Support.   http://nclymeevents.wordpress.com/addingevent/

Thanks so much for your support and I am hopeful that with this new treatment that I will be back up and running things on a more regular basis.



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