T-Shirt Fundraiser


T-shirts for $19.00 for Awareness Fundraiser

We are hosting a t-shirt campaign to raise awareness in North Carolina.  We have simple goals.  Our main goal is to sell a total of 50 shirts.  This should raise about $550.00 for Lyme Disease Awareness in North Carolina.   The t-shirts are only $19 per shirt and shipping costs $5.00.  The shirts will be shipped directly to you upon conclusion of the fundraiser if we meet our minimum requirement of 20 t-shirts.  Our fundraiser will run  until April 17th and everyone should receive their shirts by May 1st in time for Lyme Disease Awareness Month (assuming we meet our 20 shirt requirement).

Fifteen shirts have already been ordered so we only need 5 more shirts to meet our unofficial first goal.  Being able to meet and exceed our goal relies on having the support of our entire Lyme community. Please help us raise awareness by spreading the word about this campaign!

You can copy this link…


… and paste it into an email and post it on Facebook or Twitter!

In addition to helping us to fund our own campaigns, we will directly donate at least 5% of the proceeds to a Lyme Non-Profit if we meet out goal of lofty goal of 50 shirts! If we double our goal and sell 100 t-shirts, we will directly donate at least 10% of the proceeds to a Lyme Non-Profit.  Help us meet and exceed our goals so that someone else can benefit from our fundraiser!

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