Information from Equine Health Series

Equine Health Series was asked a question about March 24th to 28th and here is a bit of the response. There was a lot more, but thought this little bit would answer the biggest questions most would have.  🙂

Overall, this week {March 24th to 28th} will be primarily focused on human health with a light sprinkling of equine information. You may be thinking “Why is the Equine Health Series doing human health events?” and that is a totally valid question! I can only explain it by saying the amount of information/resources/individuals willing to speak on vector-borne diseases is slim and the pickings get even slimmer when narrowing the topic down to horses.  I am fairly new to the area of vector-borne illness and I thought “what better way to learn more about this area than host an awareness week?” and use EHS as a vessel for this cause.

That being said, my goal for this week is more of a “kick start” into a year of informational and promotional events regarding equine health and VBIs. This week will be a fairly broad sweep and focus more on getting the attention of the students and the community for involvement in future events.
Abriana Johnson
Founder, Executive Director
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