We must start somewhere


I fight Lyme and sometimes I win. Help me help you by purchasing a shirt which will directly raise awareness in North Carolina. One thing you may not know is that I am actually one of the very “quiet” ones in the activism world. That doesn’t mean that I’m not out there because I am, but I am not yelling and screaming at (or about) people that can’t make a difference. A year ago I decided to sit back and listen to the expects in our state at a meeting. I learned that they do care, but have little powers to make official changes because they lack funding. I try my best to “fight” smart, not hard. I know who may listen and I know which words to avoid when engaging with “the powers that be.” I know when to speak and when to be silent. I can sense a shift in the tides.


In 2012, 127 cases of Lyme Disease were reported to the CDC from North Carolina. In 2013, there were 179 cases reported. These were cases of both probably and confirmed. In 2013, there were 5 counties which had Lyme cases confirmed and acquired in those counties. In 2013, almost 1200 cases were submitted to the health department to be confirmed. While the lab testing is deficient, the increase of numbers tells me that more doctors are becoming aware that Lyme Disease IS in North Carolina and are submitting information to their public health department. In the same breath, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is known – it has been known – to be one of the more popular tick borne infections. They had over 1500 cases submitted to the health department in NC in 2013. 411 of them were sent to the CDC as probably or confirmed cases.


If you get a tick bite, please remove it properly. Don’t know how? ASK ME – I will show you! Identify the tick and access yourself for the signs of disease. Ticks don’t only carry Lyme, but a multitude of illnesses. Don’t find a bulls eye rash? It could be on your scalp under your hair, but many cases of Lyme Disease actually don’t get a bulls eye rash.

Please help me help you. I need to be able to continue raising awareness in North Carolina. In order to do that, I need funding. North Carolina needs funding. This t-shirt campaign is only a small start for what is needed in North Carolina, but we must start somewhere. We have sold 35 of the We Fight Lyme Together t-shirts and a mere 2 t-shirts of the Basic one. Please stop considering – please purchase. We need you. We need your support. Don’t let your child get skipped over by doctors because they don’t know that Lyme exists here. Need the proper documentation from the Health Department that shows that Lyme IS here? I have it. I will be glad to share it with you! But first, buy a t-shirt.

This isn’t just my fight. It’s all of our fight. We Fight Lyme Together.


Thank you for listening.

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