Excellent Fundraiser Reseponse

I set up the fundraiser because I wanted a shirt with “my” phrase on it and knew that if I purchased one from a custom place that it would run me $30.00.  I heard about Booster and decided to check it out.  I worked on the design for quite some time before I finally found one that hit home with me.  Most t-shirts at Booster were going for $25.00, but I decided I wanted to run mine as cheap as possible – but if I sold 50 shirts I wanted it to raise at least $500.00 so I bumped the price around until it passed the $500 mark at 50 shirts.  I could have raised $400.00 more by leaving the price at $25.00, but I also wanted it to be affordable to those that wanted multiple shirts.

Honestly, I had no idea how much funds could be raised when I set up the t-shirt fundraiser on March 17th.  I wanted a 2 weeks campaign, but decided to let the campaign run for a month.  I knew that I would be tired of talking about the campaign after two weeks, but that two weeks of the fundraiser I would be doing IV therapy.  So I wanted to make sure that I gave myself time to advertise the fundraiser when I would be my “off” week of treatment.  I also wanted everyone to receive their shirts by May 1st.  This lead to a March 17th to April 17th campaign.

My original thoughts were that I would be extremely happy with 30 shirts sold, but supporters blew me away when we had 16 buyers that purchased a total of 26 shirts in the first week.  I knew that we had enough to be printed, but thought we could reach for the stars and hit 40.  We did that in week 2 and made it to 41 shirts sold by March 30th with 11 new buyers.  This was my original cut off date.  I believe at that time we had already raised $400.  Anything purchased after March 30th would be icing on the proverbial cake.

There were 8 buyers & 16 total shirts purchased from Mach 31st to April 16th. The more shirts you sell on a t-shirt fundraiser, the more you get per shirt.  We started off only getting about $5.00 per shirt, but by the end of our campaign our earnings were up to $11.00 per shirt.

We sold 12 shirts on the last day of the campaign with 6 different buyers!  We had a total of 69 shirts sold from March 17th to April 17th and several donations that totaled  $40.00.   This fundraiser raised over $800.00.  This far exceeded even my wildest imagination.  In addition to this fundraiser with my phrase on it, we also had a smaller campaign with $15.00 t-shirts.  We sold only 22 of those shirts, but had a handful of donations.  That campaign was with another state’s advocacy leader and we will split $146.00.  So in total, we will be collecting about $880.00 from both t-shirt campaigns.

This project went so well and we did have a few people asking about “V” neck styles that I may do a 10 to  12 day campaign with a V neck option for the ladies. The “V” neck style will be more expensive because the base price of the shirt is more expensive and we will need to reach 20 t-shirts to have them printed.  I need to decide if I want to go ahead and do this  campaign now or I want to wait and do it later. I’m also in thoughts of doing a green shirt in the same design with black printing. I have a lot of ideas forthcoming, but just have to decide when is the right time to release those projects.

As promised, I will be donating 5% of the funds raised in this campaign towards a Non-Profit.  I have yet to decide which non-profit I would like to support.  I am leaning towards Lyme Disease Association, but would love your suggestions.  Thanks to everyone who made my wild dreams fly!  I can’t believe we raised $880 in 4 weeks time.


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