What can YOU do?

I’d like to wake up one day where I don’t have to fight Lyme Disease, Babesia, Bartonella, Mycoplasma or any other disease that a tick decided to give me when he bit me that one time and stayed for breakfast, lunch & dinner.   I use the little spurts of energy I have for one thing – advocacy. I use the term “energy” loosely.

Next Thursday begins Lyme Disease Awareness Month. It’s unofficial in many states, but here in NC – it has been recognized by a proclamation signed by our Governor. I feel guilty that I haven’t personally planned some grand event in the Raleigh area.  Right now – there isn’t one being planned – at least not on any grand scale that I’m aware of.  I feel awful about that.  Truly – pit of my stomach – awful.  I think about the planning that goes into a big event.  I think about the day of the big events.  I think of the little support in the planning & setting up -and I know it’s all just too much for me, right now at this point in my treatment.

I think about how hyped up I get in my head about the “big event” – and then I think about the “let down” I feel – when the same people show up. It’s almost like preaching to the choir. I try to “lift my spirits”: by saying – if help only one – but I don’t want to help just one.  I want to show all of North Carolina – that one tick can change your life. I would know.  It changed mine.

I hear constantly about what people can’t do – I want to start hearing what we CAN do.

What can YOU do for Lyme Disease Awareness Month? Here are 7 things that I can do.  (I will likely do 5 of the 7 of them).  Please comment with what you CAN do for Lyme Disease Awareness Month.

  • I can put together a packet of information for my Primary Care doctor and have my husband drop it off when he goes for his next visit.


  • I can set up an informational booth on my own front lawn during a community yard sale.  I’ve done this in the past and it worked well.  I even had some things for purchase which brought people over.  I educated  a lot of people that day on how to properly remove ticks.  In all honesty, I probably won’t do it this year because our community yard sale is tomorrow and I absolutely have no stamina to stay out there from 6 to 11 by myself, but this would be something FREE I could do because I have all of the materials – supplies – and I even have a table!


  • I can stand side by side with another Lyme advocate that has planned, prepared & set up a Lyme Booth in the Raleigh area for a couple of hours where I didn’t need to bring anything except my body.


  • I can tie a lime green ribbon on my mail box to show my solidarity for Lyme Disease Awareness Month. I will go to Michaels to pick up one that is already pre-made or – pick out the ribbon I like the most and have them make it for me.  It’s generally under $8.99 – and it looks nice  and I don’t have to do it myself. – This time it was $4.19!


  • I can order a few Lawn signs and ask if I can put them out at different around the community.  I would put it in my yard at  home, but it’s against our HOA rules.  However that doesn’t stop me from asking businesses if I could put my signs up near them – especially businesses that could be related – such as Vet’s offices.  And if they aren’t weathered too badly – I could clean them up at the end of the month and reuse them in 2015!


  • I can wear my Lyme Disease Shirts in public ( I can – and did – fundraiser with T-shirts!) This gets people asking about Lyme.  While I was getting a bow – I had THREE people ask me about Lyme Disease.  Considering the store was empty – that’s amazing!  I also had the  man at the post office ask me.  Awareness can happen anywhere at any time – and if you have a shirt on – you may be provided with the opportunity to raise awareness about Lyme Disease.


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One Response to What can YOU do?

  1. Janis Cyrus says:

    These are excellent suggestions – I plan on sending the information out on my Facebook page and on the business associations Email page – I will also add a comment on the governor’s Facebook page

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