Vow to Fight

My 100th post – the Vow to Fight!

Today is the last day of Lyme Disease Awareness Month – but this is only the beginning. My Awareness lasts all year long. It’s not just in my body only in May – it’s been in my body for 19 years. I fight daily – Sometimes the struggle is internal. Sometimes, I let everyone know how I’m feeling. But – I’m always fighting. There is never a day where I am symptom free. I just hide it some days better than others.

I have a determination that matches no other – a determination not only to live, but a determination to fight & to educate. When will I get better? Well better compared to what? Am I better today than I was in January – yes – but am I better compared to when I was healthy – absolutely not and if I’m being completely honest – I am not sure when I’ll get there. But I can promise you this – I have the will to fight. I have the best doctor for me. I fight this battle for those that have died too soon, vowing that I won’t die the way our friends did.

I hope you will take that vow too. Those that died too soon – they are at peace now, but we’re left behind to suffer the loss – We are left behind to comfort our friends who are grieving. My heart aches for the loss of so many that have died in the most unnatural way – and ultimately it’s by the hand of medical neglect for so many years that put them in the position that they felt they had no other choice. I take the vow that I will continue to fight even though I was put through the ringer for nearly 12 years and then the last 7 – I take the vow that I will continue to educate not only in May, but in June, July & August too.

I take the vow that Awareness lasts all year long! I take the vow that I will NOT stop until there are answers. I take the vow that when I do get well, I will continue to fight for those that can’t because so many that get well – just leave the community to live their own lives burning all of the memories of their Lyme Life Away. I don’t blame them, but that won’t be me. I was born to be an advocate – I was born to teach. I was born to do all of these things and I was born to make a difference. I vow to do all of these things. Who else will take the vow?

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