Apex Support Group Meeting TODAY!

Don’t miss out on our monthly support group meeting in Apex North Carolina.  We meet from 2:30 to 4:15 at the Eva Perry Library.  Today is just a general discussion after our new ice breaker game called Favorite Straws.  This is a game where we draw some straws (depending on how many are there) and quickly share something that’s our favorite about the topic on the straw.  We aren’t all just Lyme patients.  We have other things to share and this game allows us to get to know the “other” side of us.  We had a blast last time and learned things about each other that we never would have known.  What topics will you pick?  What will you have in common other than Lyme with the members of our group?  You’ll have to join us to see!

Where do we meet?
Eva Perry Library in Apex NC.  Oh you mean SPECIFICALLY?  Well in the back right corner of the library there is a conference room with a closed door and closed blinds.  That’s our meeting space.  The door will be closed, but feel free to OPEN IT UP and come on in!

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