About Us

NC Lyme Advocacy is created out of the need to have a centralized location of awareness and advocacy events in North Carolina.  NC Lyme Advocacy is the first website to be created and it spawned US Lyme Advocacy which is working on collecting a leader for every state in the US to be able to unite together to spread awareness.

This website is utilized for compiling all known NC Lyme Advocacy events into a blog location for those with and those without a Facebook page. Items we publish in Facebook will also be published here in order to provide those without a Facebook page pertinent information regarding events that are happening in North Carolina with regards to Lyme Disease Awareness.  We hope that everyone will find this as a useful tool as there are a lot of events planned through a lot of NC Lyme Non-Profits.

NC Lyme Advocacy is comprised of three leaders.  We are supported by a variety of North Carolina Lyme Non-Profit groups and Support Group leaders.  Our anonymity is important to protect ourselves as we are hoping the media and other health institutions will be involved.  This is a controversial subject matter and we want them to focus on the issues pertaining to Lyme awareness in North Carolina instead of targeting the organizers.

If you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to fill out our contact form.

8 Responses to About Us

  1. Carolyn Long says:

    Trying to contact someone in the Hendersonville Lyme support group. The url links to nothing, suggesting that either the link is bad or they are no longer active. Is there anyone who has a name or email address I can use? We are between Hendersonville and Brevard and we have no active group here in the mountains that I can find. I have asked, in the past, if anyone in the Raleigh area has contacts that could help us link up to start a support group here and have not yet been able to get any concrete information. It is a 5 hour drive each way to Raleigh, although I have done it to attend one of your meetings. But, I don’t have Lyme; my son does. It is too far for someone with Lyme. It would be a very hard trip for my son. Things are happening up here in “Hooterville”, but we need some help getting a support group started! Anybody? Please?

    • Carolyn – you can reach the Hendersonville support group – through their website:


      There is a place on their website that says Contact us. Thanks for letting us know that something might be wrong with their link on our website. We’ll check that out.

  2. Carolyn Long says:

    I can’t reach their website. That is the problem. If you can’t give me their contact information, can you have them contact me? Thanks…

  3. I fixed the website on their page – I tried to put it in the comment and wordpress must have had a moment. I fixed it this morning. However – on their website, there is a button that says, “Contact Us.” When you click on that button, it will automatically pull up an email in your account to send them an email.

    Here is the website link:

    Here is their straight up email address:

  4. Carolyn, I’m holding your most recent status in the que – I don’t want your personal information to be placed on a public website. I will pass on your information to Jamie along with your email address.

  5. kristie says:

    Help! I’m in north georgia and don’t know what to do, or who to see. I have just been diagnosed after three years of sickness! What do I do?

    • Hi Kristie – check out newly created Georgia Lyme Advocacy.


      Keep in mind the site has JUST been created (in the last 30 minutes of posting this message) – so it is a blank canvas, but you should be able to contact the leader by filling out one of the contact forms (look at the about us section and there will be a form for suggestions – just use that for now to contact the leader)

  6. Carolyn Long says:

    Kristie, I am in Western North Carolina near Brevard. Have been in the Lyme wars for several years for my 16 year old son. He was diagnosed 4 1/2 years ago, after ten years of not knowing what was wrong, and a totally lost childhood. I would be glad to share our experiences with you. It took us 4 years to finally get in a good place. My goal is to help others skip all of the useless things we did, buckets of money we spent without any results, and years of his life the doctors wasted. You can contact me privately if you wish. I don’t know how to do that on this forum, but I give the leader permission to give you my email address.

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