When setting up an awareness booth, you will want some educational materials.  There are multiple places you can order brochures about Lyme Disease, but you can also take the PDF files to a printing location such as Kinkos or Staples Copy & Print.


  • Lyme Disease Association has 4 different items you can order from them.  Two are brochures, one is a bookmark and the other is a tick identification card.  You can order up to a total of 200 items (such as 50 of each brochures, 50 bookmarks and 50 tick cards).  There is a charge for shipping of $10.00 (as of March 2014).

    In addition to the ordering the brochures, these brochures are available via PDF and you can have them printed.  They also have a variety of printable items that you can print off for your awareness table.

    Order brochures at the LDA Website.  See all of the printable items here.

  • CDC – the CDC also has print outs and information you can use for awareness tables.  They also have a max capacity of items and sometimes items are out of stock. The brochures you can order are at the CDC Website Order Form.  See all of the printable items here.  As of March 2014, the items are sent free of charge.
  • ILADS – ILADS has brochures you can purchase or print.  The charge for brochures is $25.00 for 50 and you can find it in the ILADS store (as of March 2014).  However, you can find these on PDF and have them printed from here.

Stay tuned for more information.  This Page is under construction.




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