Decoration Ideas for just about any awareness event. 

When decorating, you can go as simple or as extravagant as you desire. It is best on the wallet to purchase things that can be used at multiple events so while you may want to personalize items – be sure to not personalize it so much that it can’t be used at an event in the future.

Example:  I knew that I would want a yard sign for a screening of Under Our Skin.  While I could have purchased Poster Board and hand made a sign, I decided to go the extra mile and order a lawn sign from Staples Copy & Print.  In addition to saving me time from having to purchase the supplies to make my own sign and making the sign itself, I’ll be able to reuse this sign for a long time to come as long as I use it in a way that it doesn’t get damaged in the weather.  That made it worth the extra expense.  Since Staples Copy & Print often has lawn signs at 1/2 off, I waited until that sale happened to order.  Since this particular sign was going to be out by the road, I did go for the extra expenditure of having them print it on both sides for traffic viability.  It was only an extra $4.00 or so more to do this.  Although if you were only putting it on an easel, you could skip the double sided expenditure.

Other decoration ideas:

Lime Green Table Cloths – Either purchase individual or buy on a big roll.  The benefit of the rolls is that you can use it for more than one event.  I myself purchased a large roll of lime green and have used it for four or five events and still have some left.  However, plastic table cloths work better for round tables.  You can get these at Party City or Oriental Trading. Sometimes other stores have Lime Green as an option, but not all the time.  Price Check online before going to a store in person.  It will save you energy. If you are careful with the plastic table clothes, they could be reused.  However, typically I just wind up throwing them away because they get ripped. If this is an outdoor event, be sure to tape them down so that it doesn’t get blown away.

Balloons – Balloons are a great addition to decorations, but you need to make sure of a few things.  Some venues do not allow balloons as decorations as they can get sucked up into air vents and cause a fire hazard.  This brings me to point number two.  Helium is quite expensive at this time.  I have found the best price at BJ’s wholesale club.  The third point is that some people are allergic to balloons (myself included) so you may want to limit the use of them especially if it is an indoor event.  A few balloons goes along way. Price Check online, but at the time when we purchased balloons we found the best price at Party City.

Help your volunteers stand out from guests – if you have volunteers and you want them to “stand out” to the guests, lime green lei’s are a perfect gift for a more expensive option.  Another less expensive option would be to purchase sticky name tags.  I have found a set of 100 name tags for quite inexpensive on Amazon (about $3 to $5). You may also find them at office supply stores.

I downloaded something special (can’t remember the word, but it enables the word document to only be the size of the name tag) onto my word document and then was able to print out my volunteer’s names on it.  The name tags make the event look more professional and it distinguishes the guests from the volunteers.  I generally put on my name tags, “NC Lyme Advocacy” at the top – the volunteer’s name in the middle and then at the bottom, “Ask me about Lyme.”  or something like that at the bottom.  Always print out some blank ones without the names just in case you have some volunteers show up that you aren’t expecting. In that case, you can just print them all off with no names and have all of your volunteers write their name on it.  That way you can reuse the unused name tags at a later event instead of throwing any away where the volunteer didn’t show.

Food:  For certain events, you may want to provide food and beverages.  This is especially true if your guests will be there for an extended period of time.  You can easily deck the halls with lime green items.  Lime Green Cups, Lime Green Utensils, Lime Green Plates, Bowls, etc.  I like to balance out all the lime green though so I may get a secondary color of blue or white so that not every single thing on a table is green (especially if the table cloth is green).  You may not want to provide a large meal, but you may want to have some butter-mints wrapped in lime green paper (Oriental Trading).   Serving bottle water?  You may want to personalize those bottles of water by getting personalized water bottle labels.  (about $13 for 50 at Oriental Trading).  It’s the little things that stand out.  Price check on bottle water.  You may find a better deal at Big Lots, but we found the best price at BJ’s Wholesale.  Many of these items won’t be able to be reused if open so if you buy multiple packs, only open one pack at a time.

School Event:  Get Lime Green Ribbon Awareness Pencils at Oriental Trading.  Personalize it to what you want it to say.

Booth Events:  Kids bring adults so make your booth kid friendly.  At the State Fairground Flea Market, we had a helium tank and had people standing with pre-filled balloons that kids wanted to take.  When we ran low, we filled more right on the spot.  At the bottom of the balloon we had child friendly bookmarks (if the cardstock is heavy enough this will keep the balloons from floating away).

Here are some online places that you can check out for lime green items.  Although I didn’t mention Store Supply in any of the ideas, I purchased a box of lime green plastic bags for an awareness booth that had multiple brochures.  This way those that visited the booth could put multiple brochures into their own bags.  I used them again for an Under Our Skin screening for those that Pre-Registered to attend.  I put all of the brochures and other free items into the bag for those that did RSVP to ensure that those that took the time out to RSVP would get all of the items we had available.  I used the name tags to label them as RSVP bags.  Once all of those that RSVP’d showed up, we had a few left over for extra guests and we had empty bags available for those that didn’t get a RSVP bag.  It worked out very well. I price checked multiple bags and Store Supply was by far the least expensive even with the expensive shipping.

  • Oriental Trading – Lime Green Items
  • Store Supply – Lime Green Items
  • Party City – Lime Green Items
  • Staples Copy & Print – You can often get things for 50% off if you look at the right time – do an internet search for “Staples Copy & Print Sale” and often times you can find a link to click for a sale item that won’t pop up on the website upon your first visit.  Staples Copy & Print website

Do you have ideas that aren’t listed above? Share them by filling out this contact form.

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