This is the page to easily find things on the NC Department of Public Health.  Since it’s so difficult to know exactly where to look or search for on the NCDPH website, we thought it might be helpful if the most beneficial thinks were in one spot.

North Carolina Department of Public Health:


The map above of North Carolina shows both Pending & Endemic counties from 2008 to 2013 – it doesn’t include the 2014 or 2015 endemic/pending counties.  These are cases of residents within the county that were diagnosed with positive results and did not travel outside the county.

Endemic Counties:

Alleghany 2013
Wilkes (2009 & 2014)
Buncombe (2015)

Pending Counties:

2008 – Cleveland
2009 – Wilson
2009 – Pitt
2009 – Carteret
2011 – Gates
2011 – Perquimmons
2013 Rowan
2013 Union
2013 -Caldwell
2014 – Stanly
2014 – Franklin
2014 – Duplin


Rumor has it: It’s been said by a few people that Forsyth County is now has a pending status.  Even by someone that would be in the know, but until it’s sent out or said by a specific person within the department of public health – we will only count it as rumor has it.

2016 – Forsyth

3 Responses to NC DPH

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  2. Wendy Kiser says:

    your missing Davie county! I was diagnosed via labcorp Lyme testing after my doctors ruled out every other condition and illness I could possible have. After six months they finally decided to test me for Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain tick disease. I tested positive for Lyme. By this time I could hardly walk, I had gained 20 pounds due to inflammation and hurt all over. The fatigue was unbelievable that I fault so hard everyday just to stay awake. When I was finally diagnosed I thought all of this would be over and my life would get back to normal. But two weeks of doxycycline did not cure me. My physician tried telling me I was cured but I knew I wasn’t when I couldn’t even play with my children. As an RN we are trained to advocate for our patients. But when your the patient and the doctor won’t listen to you and you work in the same profession it makes finding a cure and advocating more important than ever. In 2006 I was referred to a doctor that tested me throughly and determined I still had Lyme along with several other confections. I have a CDC positive test and report declaring I am CDC positive. However I wonder if I’m undocumented for Davie County, how many others have been undocumented as well?

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