Last year – we went to the Legislative Office Building and had a Lyme Disease Information Table on the 3rd floor lobby.  (We did this on May 28, 2014)

We want to keep this tab in case we need the information in the future.

NC Legislative Office Building
300 N. Salisbury Street, Raleigh NC


The above link is the BEST map to see the area in regards to where the building is and where parking is for the building.  The building we will be in is labeled LOB (it is next to a rectangular BLUE called Underground Deck) .  You will want to park in the area that is labeled PINK on the map called Visitor’s Lot 2.  It costs $2.00 per hour to park up to  $16 per day. Do not lose your ticket or it will cost you $16.00 even if you’re only there for an hour.

Here is an “alternate” map which makes it easy to see the Legislative Office Building and Visitor Lot 2.  I believe the “real” name of the parking deck is parking deck 75.  Make sure that when you park, you park in the Visitors Parking and not the Employee Parking.


We would love for you to stop in for a bit.  We may even have you help us out while you’re there!  If you have a Lyme Awareness T-shirt, please wear it.  Some have asked how they can help and have offered to print off “something” – One of the things we will be passing out to visitors are the NC Department of Public Health Memos on Lyme Disease in NC.  If you would like to help in this way, please print off 10 to 25 copies of this memo so we can have them if we run out.

Even if we don’t use them at the table on this day, it could be something we could utilize on another day.  If you print the memo off on one sheet of paper (front & back), no need to staple.  However if you print it on two sheets of paper, please staple the top left corner for ease of passing out.  Color printing is preferred since there are colorful maps on the second page of the memo, but it’s not necessary.

Here is the link for the Lyme Memo:

Click to access Lyme_surveillance_2014.pdf

Beth & I have prepared some small green bags for the event. These will be a quick hand off of information for Legislatures on the go.  These baggies are specifically for those folks because we want to be able to have on hand the information they need to learn about Lyme.  This is our building a bridge visit.  We want them to realize that Lyme affects people in North Carolina and ultimately we would love to advocate for Legislative changes, but first we need to build the bridge of communication.

YOu may wonder how else you can help ? Well I’m glad you asked.  I would love nothing more than to share your stories with Legislatures and Legislative staff and lobbyists.  Who better to tell your story than you?  Well I need your stories NC Lyme patients!

It is too late for me to print off long stories, but you can submit a quick survey for tomorrow’s event – and it will help.  Then I will connect with you later to get your one page story.

Survey Link:


Parking Information:

Please note parking decks take cash or credit/debit, but do not take checks.

Fees are generally $2.00 per hour, but may vary depending on which deck you park in.

If you would like to check out the secondary map for parking decks, which include links to parking deck fees –


So – the other thing you may need to know is directions – please note that these directions are straight to the LB, not the LOB – so please make sure you utilize both the directions on the NCGA and the maps above to help get you to the LOB.


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