Support Groups

These are the cities that I know have support group meetings.  To find out more information about each city, hover over the support group tab and you will be able to click on each city to find out more information regarding that support group such as sponsors, the contact person and websites.

If you know of a support group that is not listed below, please let us know by sharing the following information for us.

This page will list the dates of the support group meetings.  Keep posted to this page because the dates have been known to change at the last minute.  For the most recent information, please contact each group individually.  Contact information can be found on the informational page for each group.

Check out these web tabs for each group:

Apex NC

Asheville NC _ new group – not linked yet, but in tab

Charlotte NC

Hendersonville NC  – maybe inactive now

Raleigh NC

Salisbury NC

Wilmington NC – new group

Winston Salem NC

2 Responses to Support Groups

  1. Dane Boggs says:

    When are where are your support meetings in August?

    • The support groups in meeting have not been confirmed since we’re still in July and a few of the July meetings have not taken place yet. However, we hope to be able to confirm the 3 groups that have met already in July soon for August.

      If you look under each support group name, you can see the appropriate times they generally meet.

      Such as Raleigh typically takes place the first Sunday in a month. However,sometimes it does change. Each support group operates individually so it takes a while to be able to confirm from each leader the dates for the next month.

      Hope this helps.

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