T-shirt Update

We no longer have this as a fundraiser currently, but if you are interested in having us re-make this or a version of this shirt (would probably be a version of this), please fill this form out – and we will contact you if that happens

We are slowly crawling to reach our goal.  Let’s sprint to 50 in the next couple of days! If you are reading this and haven’t purchased a shirt or two yet, why not?  We need your help. They are only $19.00 and you can send multiple shirts to your house for the low shipping price of $5.00.  You & a friend live close together and want to order 4 total shirts?  SHARE on the shipping cost and order 4 shirts at the same time. Have them shipped to one person and split the shipping cost.  Call your friend and make arrangements today.  Don’t have a friend to share shipping with – that’s okay $5.00 is reasonable, plus I originally had the shirts set at $24.00 and when I realized that shipping was $5.00 – I lowered the price by $5.  Click on the shirt and order TODAY!

wefightlymetogethersmallshirtman wefightlymemannavy

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