Lyme Media

Local Media

  • Living with Lyme Disease – another story on Jim Young from NC on National Fox News from August 4, 2013.  This story is about Jim Young. This North Carolina man was misdiagnosed with ALS, but he actually had Lyme Disease. Fox News speaks with Jim’s wife. She wrote a story called Miracles for Daddy. Watch this to see his story.

Items to be included in the Lyme Media page should be state news information – whether it’s a television news station that presented a story on Lyme or a local newspaper or anything that can be linked to the website.

National Media

Under Our Skin is a documentary directed by  Andy Abrahams Wilson that exposes the controversy about Chronic Lyme Disease.  You can purchase the DVD online for home use, but you can also purchase the DVD to be able to show in a community setting.  Check out your options to purchase Under Our Skin.  However if you’re strapped for cash and are unable to purchase the movie, you can watch it on HULU.

Another documentary is called Under the Eightball.  This is a documentary by Timothy Grey.  His sister is plagued with Lyme Disease and this  film uncovers the failures our health care, insurance and pharmaceutical companies have made.  You can watch the trailer on Youtube.  You can BUY here.

Jesse Ventura investigates Plum Island on  his TV show Conspiracy Theory.  Watch the full episode on Youtube here.

If you notice any URL’s that are not linking to the proper site or have been removed, first try again using another form of internet connection (if you’ve using one browser, try another.  If you’re using your phone or iPad, try the computer).  If these don’t correct the problem, please email or comment regarding the page or link that doesn’t work.  Thank you.

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